Who, me? Well, I enjoy solving visual problems.
You do tons of research, find the target audience, and create what seems to be endless iterations until you have that lightbulb moment. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process no matter how repetitive it may seem; the possibilities are endless. You can refine and tweak something as much as you want while still having it reflect your goal.
The process only ends when you see fit.
You never stop learning, taking in information, and improving the world around you through design.​​​​​​​
Angela is an enthusiastic and hardworking post-secondary design student, as well as an avid graphic design fanatic. She thoroughly enjoys solving visual problems, and is able to effectively communicate elements and principles of visual design. 
She loves creating memorable designs that reflect her design philosophy—design is perfected when nothing more can be taken away. Being ambitious, Angela is confident that her multidisciplinary knowledge will aid in her journey to become a graphic designer.
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